Glenna Baron

Glenna began her studies in the Visual Communication Design program and right before her senior year decided to take on an additional degree in Digital Information Design focusing on Interactive Media. These two degrees go hand in hand, giving Glenna the technical skills and design experience to be creative on the web. Glenna’s other love, typography, goes back to her high school printmaking and design classes. At Winthrop, she was taught to render, kern, and compose type by hand in introductory design classes. While most of her peers saw those exercises as torture, she secretly enjoyed tracing the delicate curves and wispy serifs of Bodoni at varying sizes dozens of times. Her years of typographic study have led her to develop a typeface as part of her senior thesis. After she graduates in May 2014, Glenna plans on integrating her love of typography with her newfound experiences in interactive front-end development.

Black and white portrait photo-Glenna