You may know Danton, simply as "DJ". DJ came to Winthrop from little ole' Goose Creek, right outside of Charleston, South Carolina. When he was younger, he found himself intrigued by logos, typography, posters, packaging, and websites. He always said to himself: "Who designed that," "that looks really cool," or "that was really clever and creative!" He wanted to become someone who would create these clever and interesting designs with hopes to inspire another budding designer. This fascination drove him to pursue a degree in graphic design so that someday he would be able to say, "someone was inspired because I made that". He's a small town guy who wants to do big things. When he is not designing, you may find him getting lost in music; watching, learning, and choreographing hip-hop dance routines; or finding something to eat.
All-Out Board Game
Game Design, Packaging
CUBS by Puma
Packaging, Product Concept
Display Typeface