Rhiannon is a graphic designer, illustrator and nature enthusiast whose interests are as lofty as her vivacious, curly hair. She was first drawn to graphic design as it successfully combined her life-long passion for creativity with her love of socially interacting with others to solve problems. Rhiannon is constantly drawing inspiration from the world and people around her. She takes great interest in 3D package design, hand-rendered typography and web design. Four years of study have taught her that she never wants to stop growing and striving to learn more to enhance her skills as a designer. When she is not behind a computer screen designing, Rhiannon can be found kayaking the coastal waterways, throwing pots, or lounging in a hammock getting inspiration for new meals to cook from her vegetarian cookbook.
Suave Dry Shampoo
The Anthology
Poster Series
Pop-up Children's Book