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Winthrop Graphic Design and Illustration

Portfolio Show 2016

Wheel and machine.

Hello! We are 15 outstanding senior graphic designers and illustrators from Winthrop University's Department of Design. After years of refining our skills and developing our styles, we've finally reached the pinnacle of our student careers. Ready to break into the professional world, we are excited to let our talents shine and share our work. Come join us, see our work, have a good time, and enjoy what we prepared!

A machine. Balloons.




1965 Cinema Dr, Rock Hill, SC 29730

April 21, 2016

Doors Open 5pm
Lecture Starts 7pm
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Mustachioed Master of Illustration

Nicholas Kole, a mustachioed master of illustration, hailing from Rhode Island, has been drawing since before he could utter his first word. Nicholas has an exceptional sense of storytelling and a deep passion for creating meaningful work.

Working across a multitude of mediums, Nicholas has done work for companies such as Disney Publishing and Hasbro, illustrated the Dawngate Chronicles, and has work featured in the Flight Comic Anthology. Outside of his commercial work, Nicholas creates beautiful worlds that can be found in comics like Jellybots.

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Alice Cheong

Alice Cheong is a graphic designer who loves food as much as she loves intricacy. She has impressive hands-on skills, such as drawing, painting, and paper cutting. Her love for detail is passed down from her mother, who has a degree in fine arts. She also enjoys tackling complicated problems and finding the most effective solution.

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Althea Holenko

Althea Holenko is a graphic designer, with illustrator tendencies, who wakes up early and strives to make the most out of her day. Althea enjoys working with interactive print design, especially if it allows for some creative illustrations. As an aspiring tabletop game designer, Althea enjoys cooking, knitting, playing board games, and watching bad science fiction movies.

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Kaitlin Larke

Kaitlin is a senior graphic design student from Greer, SC. She has a passion for her work and loves photography. When she’s not designing she is pretending to be a comedian because one of her favorite things to do is make people laugh. She is very quick witted, punny, and is constantly cracking jokes. She loves getting to use her humor in her work.

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Kelsey Law

Kelsey Law is an illustrator from Greenville, SC. When she was little, she picked up every pencil she could find and drew everything imaginably possible. She grew up with a deep love for all books and stories and aims to continue that tradition by creating new stories of her own to share with others. She primarily works in traditional media, but has recently switched to honing her digital skills. When not making bad puns she dreams about space and constantly finds herself drawing comics about kittens.

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Yaritza Luna

Yaritza Luna is a senior graphic designer from the small town of Walhalla, SC. She has an affinity for geometric shapes, and her main interest lies in poster design and screen-printing. In her free time, you can catch her binge-watching Netflix or her favorite telenovelas.

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Reagan Martin

Reagan Martin is a graphic designer from here in Rock Hill. His specialties of design include brand identity, typography, and product packaging. When not designing, you can find Reagan trying to save the Lego universe in Lego Dimensions, watching superheroes and detectives investigate crime on Hulu, exploring the best restaurants and dishes wherever he goes, and catching up on all the latest and upcoming technology.

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Kyahdric Moses

Kyahdric is an ambitious young graphic designer from Florence, SC with his eye on the prize. He got started in design when a teacher from his high school recognized his affinity for "pushing things around on Photoshop." That same teacher urged Kyahdric to pursue Graphic Design as a career. Little did he know, his passion for design went far deeper that Adobe Photoshop. Kyahdric is a hard working individual with interests that span from designing social campaign collateral to designing things meant for children. When he pulls out those headphones at his workstation, you know that it's about to get serious.

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Andréa Perkins

Andréa was born in Fayetteville, NC and raised in Sumter, SC. If asked where she is from she’ll say the latter. Even at a young age, she was very artistic and loved to draw everything she set her eyes on. Once Andréa found out about the glorious career of Graphic Design, introduced as Desktop Publishing at the time, she knew it was the job for her. Her greatest wish is to go to amazing places doing something that she loves, and knows that she is well on her way.

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Tara Phillips

Tara Phillips is a senior graphic design major. Her hobbies include collecting comics, fishing, blogging about her dog, and drawing. Tara is passionate about package design and modern art, and studied art in Italy for 4 months. Her goals include traveling the world and becoming a great professional packaging designer.

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Eden Reeves

Eden enjoys all things magical and fantasy. He loves to play and design board games, draw, and sleep. If you were to get him a gift, you could not go wrong with anything that has glitter on it (or magical girls). His favorite comic book characters are Phoenix (Jean Grey), Storm, Dr. Strange, Scarlett Witch and Wiccan.

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Tatiana Rice

Tatiana is an aspiring designer who is passionate about her work. She loves design that is heavily conceptual, simple, and yet intricate in its own way. Her specialties include branding and creating work that interacts with you. When not diligently doing her work, she spends too much time on instagram following pugs and bookmarking websites of pugs accessories to buy for her future pug, Sterling.

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Ashley Scarborough

Ashley is an adventurous, thrill-seeking, explorer in life and in design. Aside from designing, some of her hobbies are, kayaking, hiking, and just going out for dinner with some good friends. Ashley enjoys living life to the fullest and taking chances that other may not.

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Abdul Shabazz

Abdul, who often goes by either Abdul or Shabazz, is a senior in illustration. He was born in Tacoma, Washington, and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Abdul creates illustrations to tell the stories he finds in his vast imagination. When he’s not exploring his own creative mind, he enjoys drawing, inking, and having fun with his friends.

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Amber Thompson

Amber Thompson is an illustrator with an eye for design. She loves any project where she can combine her skills and even incorporate a little hand lettering. Amber is from Clover, South Carolina, and hopes to stay in the Charlotte area after graduation to pursue a creative career.

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