Tarah Catalano

Tarah has a strong sense of branding and book layout and an obsession with chocolate and peanut butter. Her work blends her quirky personality with her clean-cut style. Throughout each day, Tarah strives to remain a creative observer, considering how the colors, shapes, and textures she sees each day can become a part of the visuals she creates. Tarah has been the graphic designer for The Anthology, Winthrop's art and literary magazine, for two years. She is also the Department of Design representative for the College of Visual and Performing Arts Dean's Student Advisory Board and teaches introductory Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop classes at Winthrop. One of Tarah's biggest accomplishments this year was winning a student ADDY Award from AAF Charlotte for her point-of-purchase project, Campfire Delights.

Black and white portrait photo-Tarah