Isabelle, originally from Charleston, moved up to the Charlotte area to pursue her BFA in Graphic Design at Winthrop University. Even as a wee little baby, Isabelle took hold of her imagination and transferred it into various media, whether it be lipstick on the wall or sketching in the margins of her paper, she found what happily made her wake up in the mornings. She enjoys branding as well as working in various new ways to bring to life a new company or product. Being somewhat of a secret tech nerd helps too, right? When she isn't conquering a new product design or "pinning" her newest inspiration, Isabelle is often found hanging around pretty water fountains, listening to amazing music, and fantasizing of that dream design job. You can also find her tumblring, changing her hair color for the third time that month, and looking up new parts for her snazzy, candy white Volkswagen.
Sean Jager Home Selling Team
Business Card, Branding
Packaging, Product Concept
Book of Abstracts
Book Cover Design