Katheryne V. Clark was born in Wasserlos, Bayern, Germany. After living there for three years she moved to her father's hometown of Millersport, Ohio. She currently resides in Rock Hill, SC and is getting her BFA in Illustration. After graduation, she plans to move to London, England to break into the children's illustration world. She hopes to promote good morals and broaden children's minds through her artwork and stories. Katheryne has been drawing ever since she was a child, but never seriously considered it as a job avenue until she was sixteen. This epiphany happened while on a trip to Australia after drawing the people around her on the bus looking at the Australian countryside rather than actually looking at it herself. Katheryne enjoys traveling to many different places and likes to relax by playing rpg video games and writing collaborative stories.
Prey Prevails
A Dizzy Mermaid
Digital Painting
Riley The Rat
Children's Book